Xu Jiao presents masks

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  天游平台报道,When it comes to Xu Jiao, many people now know that when she was once in the role of "Yangtze River seven", she has attracted a lot of people's attention. However, the child of that year has grown into a big girl. But now Xu Jiao has rarely appeared in the entertainment circle. When she grows up, she looks much better than when she was a child, but her resources are much less. Recently, Xu Jiao has publicly delivered masks to American host families. When Xu Jiao went to school in the United States, she was taken care of by her host family. This time, Xu Jiao paid special attention to the American family. And also very intimate, for the parents of this host family sent masks. And when Xu Jiao had a mask, she not only went to the mask again, but also wrote a thank-you letter and sent a calligraphy work.

  There are not many warm-hearted girls like Xu Jiao. After growing up, Xu Jiao looks much better than when she was a child. A baby face that will never grow up has become his unique mark. To say that Xu Jiao's best look is not in fashion, but in ancient clothes. Xu Jiao in ancient clothes has a different style. The beautiful and lovely Xu Jiao has also been praised by many people. This time, Xu Jiao sent masks to foreign host families, which also made us feel that Zhou Xingchi's vision was unusual, and the little girl didn't let her down. I don't know if Xu Jiao will choose to return to the entertainment circle to develop. After all, it's such a good foreshadowing. It's not difficult for Xu Jiao to come back to develop. Do you expect Xu Jiao to return to the entertainment circle and bring you more works?

 Xu Jiao

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