She really deserves the best

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  天游平台报道,Second sister Zhang Xinyi is really one of the few female stars I envy. I think she was very lucky, because she met Yuan Hong on her second marriage, who was really a good man for her. This marriage was not good at first, because yuan Hong was hot at that time, both in appearance and strength is one of the best in the circle, and zhang Xinyi was divorced at that time, and his age was older than him, many people did not look at this marriage, but the reality really gave those people a slap. They now live a happy life, two people have a lovely son, Yuan Hong is everywhere to include Zhang Xinyi, that year's wedding best man group can be called the history of "the most handsome best man group", the wedding is grand, no perfunctory, enough to see Yuan Hong on the importance of this marriage. I did not understand her at first, but after I got to know Zhang Xinyi, I realized that she was worth it.

  She had a child is everywhere to show the softness of a mother. She used to carry a water pitcher to kill mosquitoes in her neighborhood so that her children wouldn't get bitten while playing. Some netizens said that she was artificial, but I think it is not wrong to want the best for children in my ability. The most let I touched or shortly before the second sister send a tweet, said she just took the son to send moon cakes to security uncle, she encourages children to moon cakes, uncle security not happy, this kind of education from the inside out, really believe there is such a mother, after their son grew up where also can't bad, often said to know what's it like a child to see his mother and two elder sister really rates with a model!

 Zhang xin yi

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