What a Wolf dog! He didn't let us down

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  天游平台报道,In recent years, boys seem to have been divided into Suckling dogs and wolfdogs. These "dogs" make my sisters miss and love them. Small make up I still remember [just 30] inside the small Wolf dog Zhong Xiaoyang, in the play he fell in love with just divorced Zhong Xiaoqin, and began to chase love boldly, in the play he wore a ring to kiss Zhong Xiaoqin's scene is really not enough. I didn't expect to see it again so soon. The scene is above [actors please be in position 2], Yan Zidong, the actor playing Zhong Xiaoyang, and the small bunting perform the classic TV play "Practical joke kiss" at the scene, a kiss on a rainy day is really unbearable. See two people kiss are "pull silk", it is not to see, the scene audience also have been surprised, feel really can not stand. This performance also got the praise of the teachers on the scene, because of "drawing silk", so see that they are serious.

  Yan zidong also responded on Weibo, "Just take me as a sweet potato. I'm sorry for the rain. I hope it will always be winter melon in your heart", with a helpless expression. Small make up I see direct laugh spray good, which person describe oneself is sweet potato? However, this response also relieved the actress's embarrassment, but later let us how to look at the sweet potato! Small Wolf dog is really worthy of small Wolf dog, have to say that the young actor now is too hard ah, dedication to the cause of the spirit is not everyone, the actor or want to get the audience's love, do not know Yan Zidong this performance get you like it?

 Yan zi dong

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