Li Yitong lied about his age

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  天游平台报道,Recently, the incident of Li fei'er's changing his age has caused a stir. Stars have always been very concerned about their age. In fact, this is not because the stars themselves are very concerned about it, but because this circle is very concerned about age. Recently, when Li Yitong participated in the program, he revealed that he had deliberately reduced his age before entering the group. At that time, Li Yitong was not as popular as he is now, so in order to give him more opportunities, his agent deliberately said his age. Xiao Li was born in 1990, but in order to appear smaller, his agent often said that he was born in 1995. And because he lied about the year of his birth, Li Yitong also encountered the incident of Wulong. Once the producer saw Li Yitong and asked him, what is his zodiac?

  At this time, Li Yitong was very embarrassed. He had no choice but to admit that he was not born in 1994. For things like Li Yitong, there are many old actresses in the entertainment industry who have to play the role of mother. Even though they are very young, they still can't change this circle and prefer younger actresses. For those actors who are nearly 40 years old, this stage is undoubtedly very important. Everyone is creating a sense of girlhood, and the most important thing in human society is to be able to take on more plays for several years. Although it's wrong to lie about your age, what's this small mistake compared with not receiving a play? What do you think of the star's false age?

 Li Yitong

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