Cai Wenjing's shadow is him

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  天游平台报道,Since playing under the sun, the hero Peng Guanying's popularity has soared. It is because of her fierce performance in the TV series that she has a very serious shadow on everyone. As a result, when people talk about him, they will think of his cruel performance to the heroine in the play. His shadow not only exists in the hearts of the audience, but also in the hearts of the heroine Cai Wenjing. At that time, when Cai Wenjing was on the air, some netizens mentioned whether to pay attention to each other with Peng Guanying? However, Cai Wenjing, who still has a shadow over Peng Guanying, refuses and says that since he pays attention to me, for a while, I must pull him black. It seems that the shadow of their filming together on Cai Wenjing is too deep. Even Cai Wenjing doesn't want to have any contact with him.

  However, in the work, the cooperation between the two partners is still very good, but everyone is very distressed about CAI Wenjing's hair. Cai Wenjing also said that when she started shooting, she still told Peng Guanying that her hair was just fine. However, in the middle of shooting, because the plot was too fierce, Peng Guanying was merciless, which led to Cai Wenjing's heartache I lost a lot of hair every day. I have to say that in addition to their good acting skills, the two stars are so funny in their daily life. In the studio, Cai Wenjing not only chatted with you, but also shared with you. Why is his hair so fluffy in the play? This is not because his hair is good, but because he wears a wig. I have to say that Cai Wenjing is too real. His characters in the play are set to be loved by people, and he is cute and explosive outside the play. Will you always pay attention to Cai Wenjing?

 Cai Wenjing

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