Taylor reconciled with fruit sister

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  天游平台报道,Recently, American singer Taylor Swift uploaded a video about Sister Fruit in ins: "I just went to the dressing room and found this olive wreath, which means a lot to me." There was a letter from Sister Fruit in the wreath: "Hey, old friend, I've been thinking about our past misunderstandings and feelings. I hope we can clear up the past. " Taylor also attached the text to the video, "thank you, Katy." Fruit sister took the initiative to show mildew, and mildew also chose reconciliation. When it comes to Mildew and Fruit Sister, the two are well known in the European and American circles. Mildew and Fruit Sister used to be good friends. They hugged each other and kissed all kinds of big show friendships. In 2012, the two were discordant. Mildew criticized Fruit Sister for robbing their dance partner. Since then, Xiaobian has never seen their relatives again.

   It's a close match. Bad blood, a masterpiece released by Mucor in 2014, is rumored to have been written for the diss Fruit Sister, and the Fruit Sister is unwilling to show her weakness. In return, she recited a song "swish swish". The war between the two men became more and more intense, and fans did not want to give in to each other. It is worth celebrating that the two songs have achieved good results. Here we recommend them to you. Last year, Miss Fruit mentioned her grievances with Taylor in a variety show. She thought the war was caused by mold and should be ended by mold. At the same time, she said she had tried to communicate with Taylor, but the results were different from expectations. "Women should stand on the United front. We can heal the world," she said. However, Taylor did not respond to that. Now the two finally reached a high-profile reconciliation of the century, six years of enmity has been cancelled, can also be included in the live see series, Xiaobian once thought that the war between them will intensify. There must be a lot of fans and melon eaters are shocked by the news, we still have to applaud them, both are really soldiers, fans can be idle later, people are better. I want to wish the two friendships long and high quality music.

Talor Swift

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