If it weren't for her height, she would have been invincible

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  天游平台报道,South Korea has numerous actress stunned by, is one of them, song hye kyo remember song hye-kyo and rain in the house full of romance, let her once became the countless people idea of a goddess, sweet song hye-kyo is 40 years old now, but even so, still be millions and millions of boys' dream, enough to see how much charm song hye kyo. But god is always fair, no matter how attractive Song Hye-kyo is, there is still one shortcoming in her body, that is, she is only 161 centimeters tall. 161cm is not considered too short for the average person, but for the entertainment industry, which is full of women over 165cm, it is. Probably because of this reason, Song Hye-kyo is often not the first Asian beauty, now think about it is really feel some pity ah!

  If Song Hye-kyo were 1.7m tall, would she have to be replaced as the most beautiful woman in Asia? Song Hye-kyo's gentle and intellectual beauty is more attractive than Lee Sung-min's. Song Hye-kyo, 40, recently looked stunning in a one-shouldered skirt while attending an event. Her simple and feminine hairstyle made her look even more attractive. A pair of straight and thin big long legs, will her beauty show everything in a glance, with that year Chu Yan "Full House of Romance" she has no difference at all, is this the woman who ate preservatives? However, since her divorce from Song Joong Ki, her popularity has declined a lot, and she has rarely appeared in public, whether it is because of her emotional injury. However, I hope Song Hye-kyo can return to the top and bring more classic movies and TV works to people again.

 Song huiqiao

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