The 007 villain actor could not agree on

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  天游平台报道,As Taiwan media reported, director Danny Boyle exited the twenty-fifth 007 film two days ago, so the film may not be released as scheduled. Now it also broke many disputes behind the curtain, that except the script issue, he would leave because the villain actor also let the actor Danniel Craig no be alright.

   According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported that Danny Boyle would like to arrange a 41 year old Poland actor Tomasz Kot plays a Russian villain. But in the past 2 sets of 007, its villain actor Javier Baden and Christopher Watts both are fairly well-known European actors, and they can greatly affect the box office. So this decision on Danny Boyle’s casting is very puzzling. Sources said: "Craig has a lot of voice in the role, there is not a Bond girl was agreed with him. Eva Green in “The 007 episode Ⅰ: theRoyal Club” and other Bond girls are so." Therefore, the conflict between Danniel Craig and Danny Boyle may be the cause of breaking, which broke the news pointed out that Danniel Craig's name could be seen in the statement. In addition, It is said that Danny Boyle and his old partner John Hodge wanted to add cold war elements to the script and change the original scripts of Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. They had written “007: Airborne crisis”and “007: four V demon” over 007 film scripts in the past. So it angered the producer Barbara Broccoli. As a result, Whether the 25th 007 film will start as scheduled on December 8th is still unknown, and if it is postponed, it may also affect the film's inability to release on November 9th, 2019. In this regard, MGM refused to respond to rumors.

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